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French Leaseback properties (also known as Residence de Tourisme or LMNP) are very popular in France for long-term investments and retirement planning. For non-French residents they not only make sense as long-term investments but also are ideal as holiday homes.

Established in 1967 by the French government as a way of encouraging investment into the tourism market, French Leasebacks now also include retirement homes and student accommodation.

Investors qualify for a 20% VAT Rebate off the purchase price of a Freehold villa or apartment. The French property is then leased to a management company or hotel chain, typically for 9-11 years (renewable), and in return, receive a Guaranteed Rental Income that increases with Inflation.


A Holiday Home in France, That Pays you...

Imagine a situation where the French government gives you a tax rebate of 20% off the purchase price of your French holiday home. It's then fully managed and maintained, all the running costs including the taxe d’habitation are paid for you. You receive a guaranteed rent, even if the property is empty, and on top of this you can use the property for up to 6 months of the year, whenever you like.

Only one of the reasons why French Leaseback properties are so popular.


Benefits of investing in a
French Leaseback Property

  • Guaranteed Annual Return
  • Return Increases with Inflation
  • Low Interest Rates Fixed for 25 Years
  • Tax Efficient Investment
  • 20% VAT Rebate Up Front
  • Low Risk Investment
  • Personal Use of the Property
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Resort Exchange

An added bonus is that the management companies let you swap your property for weeks in other resorts so you don't always have to visit the same place if you do not wish to do so.

This is perfect if you decided to have a summer holiday instead of a winter holiday, or visit the coast instead of a mountain resort.

Owners Discounts

Most management companies offer owners a discount of between 10% to 30% off accommodation (ideal for a weekend away) and services within the resorts, such as luxury spa treatments, restaurants, etc.

Property is the only asset where mortgages are readily available, which gives investors the advantage of leveraging the value of the property. With current French interest rates, the cost of finance is at an historical low.

5 Reasons to Invest in
French Leasebacks

01 Low Mortgage Interest Rates - Fixed for 25 years
02 Tax Efficient
03 20% VAT Rebate Up Front
04 Low Risk Investment, with a Guaranteed Income
05 Personal Use - have holidays in your investment
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