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Property investments that return to you.

If you are looking for a guaranteed income and a low risk investment in an overseas property then you have come to the right place. Here you will find professional investment and portfolio management services to help you arrange your overseas mortgages. Whether you want a buy to let, France based holiday home or French leaseback property; you can find a property that practically pays for itself with French Leaseback.com.


Worthwhile Investments: Reduce the Risk

With French Leaseback.com it really is easy to reap the benefits of a better investment property. Browse online from our range of investment property in France, Europe and beyond to select the type of venture you want to invest in. Whether you want to significantly reduce your deposit or receive a guaranteed annual return which increases with inflation; as an investor you can buy the freehold of an investment property in France and have the VAT of your leaseback property refunded back to you. The property is then leased back to a management company who specialise in the tourist management, maintenance and rental of these properties for a period of 9 - 12 years.

  • Guaranteed Annual Return
  • Return Increases with Inflation
  • Low Interest Rates Fixed for 25 Years
  • French Tax Breaks
  • 20% VAT Rebate
  • Low Risk Investment
  • Personal Use of the Property
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Let Your Leaseback Property Pay for Your Holidays

Buying property in France has never been so rewarding with a French leaseback property that pays for itself. For weekend getaways with friends or annual holidays - a buy to let, France investment property can pay for your holiday accommodation. Whether you regularly visit ski resorts or are looking for a holiday home by the beach; you can select an investment property to suit your needs and choose to visit it when it is unoccupied. Unlike a timeshare, you will own your off-plan property outright ensuring you always have first pick of the dates.

Whether you want a low risk investment that you can guarantee a return on, or a holiday home that pays for itself; you can discover a new way to invest your money wisely with French Leaseback.com. We are fully independent international mortgage consultants with a reputation for excellent levels of service and a professional approach to leaseback property, portfolio management and investment property in France. If you are interested in benefiting from a worthwhile overseas property investment, browse our range of properties online today or contact us for more information on: 44 (0)203 174 0155

5 Reasons to Invest in Frech Leasebacks
01 Low Mortgage Interest Rates - Fixed for 25 years
02 New Tax Breaks Introduced in 2009 French Budget
03 20% VAT Rebate, which acts as your deposit
04 Low Risk Investment, with a Guaranteed Income
05 Personal Use - have holidays in your investment
Featured French Leaseback Development

Flaine 3* Resort

Priced From: € 189,000
Leaseback Type: Leaseback
Location: Ski / Mountains